TF MBsecure

MBsecure gateway provides full Modbus protocol visibility to the HMI application server without physical access to the PLC

Securing SCADA Modbus

SCADA communication protocols are designed for the exchange of control messages on industrial networks, including serial, LAN and WAN, across multiple industries as automotive, transportation, petrochemicals, utilities and more. Over the years, SCADA Modbus has become the most commonly used SCADA protocol for connecting industrial electronic equipment and devices.

Protecting networks with disparate security levels

When interconnecting network segments of unequal levels of security, the lesser secure network makes the secure network more vulnerable to hacking. MBsecure distributes Modus data from PLCs among networks of different security classifications – eliminating any physical link between the PLC and HMI network. The PLC isolation occurs on the physical OSI Layer-1&2 without using CPU, software or IP address – making it impossible to hack.

Hack-proof PLC-HMI isolation

Acting as a hardware bridge between two LINUX units with Modus protocol support, MBsecure acquires the PLC data over TCP/IP and responds to the HMI with the acquired data. Attempting to access the PLC through any device on the HMI network is futile – as if one of the RG-45 wire pairs is missing – while data is transmitted downstream untouched.

  • Physical ISOLATION at OSI Layer-1&2
  • Secure unit access (HTTPS) with encryption keys
  • Configurable HMI list to provide access restriction
  • Data bandwidth = 1 GB
  • Power – 3x5Vdc / 2.5Amp, with 3 separate connectors
  • No FANs, no disk drives
  • 2xRJ-45 CAT6 connectors STP/UTP
  • DIN RAIL brackets
  • Operating System for accompanying CPU’s – Linux
  • Full Modbus RTU support
  • Up to 247 MODBUS devices supported per unit
  • Multiple HMI units support
  • Hardware Reset to factory defaults
  • Data transfer speed – 1Gbps
  • Physical ports – 2x1Gbps LAN ports
  • Measurements: Wx290 , Hx50 , Dx230 (mm)
  • Power consumption: max-270W
  • Weight: 450gr
  • Power supply options:
    • 2 x External supply, 5.5V–7.5Amp, with redundancy
    • 3 x -5V-2.5Amp directly connected with no redundancy
  • Mounting options:
    • Desktop / 19” Rack Shelf
    • Din Rail

Download Files

Terafence Secure MODBUS Solution
Terafence TF_MBsecure
TF_MBsecure Installation and Configuration Manual